Digital Being: TV Being 005-18

6.1(W) x 9.25(H) x 5.9(D) inch, B/W CRT TV, Arduino, Distance Sensor, Camera, Relay, and RF Module, 2016

“DIGITAL BEING” is an unknown creature (A.I.) born from detritus of broken and discarded technologies after “Digital Switchover”. It reveals itself through an atypical movement and an interaction according to the machinery that it dominates.

“TV Being-005”, one of the Digital Being series, is developing its consciousness with observing outside through an internal camera. Normally it is deep in meditation displaying a line like "Nam June Paik's 'Zen For TV'", but when people come close enough, it turns on its screen, showing what it sees.

TV Being 005 Series at Hot Wood Arts, 2016

TV Being 005 Series was shown at Siggraph Asia 2018 and Governors Island Art Fair 2016.