"This is not a television."

36(H) x 36(W) x 48(D) inch, B/W CRT TV, Arduino, Range Finder Sensor, Relay, Wood Part, and Servo Motor, 2014

The basic idea of this project is to see the design process of how academic text and making interact each other. The group of artists in this project(Hyuns Hong, Sukmo Koo, Taezoo Park) read the academic publications of each scolar(Geoffrey C. Bowker, Paul Edwards, David Ribes), and respond them in their own artisic way. Steven Jackson, Leo Kang and Malte Jung play unclear/multiple roles in the intersection of these two groups. Our plan is that once the artist's outcome come out, send it to the academic group see their responce. Our gole is not responding to either certain text or physical artifact, but watching how these two group of people interact and understand each other through the art making process.