“DIGITAL BEING” is a series of the interactive media artworks created from abandoned and forgotten technologies based on the hypothetical existence of an unknown creature (A.I.) born within the circuits of technological garbage.

"Singularity", one of the Digital Being series, shows the moment of birth of the hypothetical creature in the inconceivably complex digital system where numerous interactions happen every millisecond. Come close, and witness the moment, technological singularity.

Singularity-002, IR Sensor, Analog Meter, Relay, Transistor, Capacitor, Diode, Attiny85 Chip, and Arduino Mounted on Wood Board 8 x 8”

Singularity-004, Vacuum tube, Transistor, Capacitor, Diode, and Attiny85 Chip Mounted on Wood Board 8 x 8”

Singularity-025/26/27/28, Electronic components, Arduino, IR Sensor on framed Wood Board 8 x 8”