Digital Being: Candle TV in Digital Era-004

12.5 x 21.5 x 12.5 in, CRT TV, LED matrix, USB Cable, 2018

(1) “Candle TV in Digital Era”, a member of the digital being family, displays a candle light video on the center of abandoned TVs. Even though we know it is just a combination of pixels, it looks real. It seems this version of digital being tells us “The line between real and virtual images becomes more blurry after Digital Switchover.”

(2) Art people from 'NJP Art Center' say that 'Nam June Paik' used the 'Candle light' as an icon of Light which contains a piece of information, in his artwork, ‘Candle TV’. But the candle light reminds me (as a Korean), more like a memorial service for ancestors. I put a digital candle light for this old CRT TV which passed away after 'Digital Switchover'. With this piece, I hope to open the conversation about the direction of developing technology, how we keep the originality of e-based artwork, and how we adapt the technology in art.

This artwork, "Candle TV in Digital Era," is my body of work based on my artistic practice and my research maintaining electric/electronic artworks in New York City for several years.